The first collection “8000 METRI” is inspired by the mountaineers of the 1930’s, pioneers on expeditions towards unexplored frontiers. With eyewear crafted by hand using the highest quality flat glass lens and function broken down to the essentials, they dared the sun and its reflections.

Almost a century later, in a different setting, the aim is strikingly similar; "To provide the best quality filter for your eyes in the most functional light frame" The color tones are similarly elemental: silver, gold, graphite, and carbon.

The eyewear is crafted entirely by hand in Italy, with an obsessive attention to detail, quality, and form which includes:

– The ultra-flat tempered mineral glass lens with anti-reflex treatment. – The light weight stainless steel frame to guarantee maximum comfort and flexibility, while being resistant to stress and wear. – The case, hand crafted in Italy with genuine leather. An integral part of the product that serves as a protective glove, minimizing the volume of the eyewear when not operated. – The Model 8M1 comes with genuine leather end tips hand made in Italy. All endtips are adjustable to provide maximun comfort and stability.

Each model is produced in a limited edition with a maximum of 8000 copies. As a testimony of the uniqueness, each product is marked with a serial number on the inside of the temples.