8000 - CAMPARI Soda

8000 has partnered with Campari Soda, an iconic aperitivo that captures the essence of Italian lifestyle and culture. Created in 1932, Campari Soda is considered to be one of the first pre-mixed cocktails in the world, known for its unique bright red color and unmistakable flavor. Known for its original bottle, the collab with 8000 reinterprets Campari Soda’s unique design features for an exclusive edition of Stinger, a timeless and essential silhouette.

Since its creation in 1932, Campari Soda has been produced with the same bottle: its unique conical shape, imagined as an upside-down cocktail glass, has been created by the futurist artist Fortunato Depero and has since been known as an icon of modernist Italian design. The transparent glass bottle, characterized by a rugged surface, elevates the drink’s bright red color, becoming the unique symbol of Campari Soda brand.

For its partnership with Campari Soda, 8000 has sought to capture these design qualities and reinterpret them for an exclusive pair of eyewear. Choosing Stinger, its most popular and versatile silhouette, 8000’s designers have applied Campari Soda’s textured bottle finish – designed as a functional element to facilitate the grip on cold glass – to the surface of the sunglasses. Using a unique laser technology, the orange peel texture is engraved on the crystal acetate construction resulting in a sophisticated tactile finish that directly echoes the bottle’s design. The choice of Stinger, a minimalist, modern shape defined by squared lenses and a unisex fit, is particularly suited for Campari Soda’s “no label” approach that emphasizes inclusivity and diversity for a new generation.

The collab features three color versions of Stinger: the classic bright Campari Soda red with black lenses, a transparent black acetate, and a minimalist crystal acetate, both with red-tinted lenses. The models come in exclusively designed packaging that highlights Campari’s distinctive red color and original branding.

 8000 eyewear and Campari Soda create a blend of fashion and sensory pleasure, combining the timeless allure of high-quality eyewear with the effervescent joy of a refined aperitif. This collaboration represents the essence of the Italian dolce vita, where the taste for beauty and pleasure come together in an unforgettable experience for all the senses.