“Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.”

Enzo Ferrari.


8000Eyewear continues to explore the history of eyewear through the eyes of pioneers who would cross limits to set contemporary parameters in the activity they choose to engage. 8000Eyewear is broadening it’s focus from the summit to the finish line. From the world of the first mountaineers, who set out to climb the 14 highest peaks above 8000 meters, to car racers who tested longitudinal limits through speed. The historic “MILLE MIGLIA” race track in Italy in the shape of an 8, extended across Italy for 1000 miles draws reference to the namesake. Seizing inspiration from areas where performance was crucial for survival, adding cutting edge technology and using the highest performing modern day materials, 8000Eyewear is exceeding the past and moving beyond present into the future. Our mission is to continue to reinvent the lens and the frame around it, stripping it down to the essential to achieve the ultimate lightness combined with the best visual experience.



At the beginning of the history of car racing, the cars were painted with the color pleasing to the manufacturer, until the speed of the cars allowed recognition by the race direction. Later, with the increase of competitors and performances, it was decided to assign a competition color to each participant according to the country of production of the vehicles; It was called blue to France, White to Germany, Green to Britain, Red to Italy, White with blue stripe for the United States. The legend says that the White color of the Germans cars, turned into Silver when, to fall within the limits of weight of the regulation, Mercedes-Benz scrapped the paint of the "W25", leaving visible the aluminum body. This inspired in the journalist the definition of "Silberfeil", that is Silver Arrows.